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I am Amanda, a stay at home mother to two wonderful children, Fiona & Ferris. Fiona has Autism, possibly caused by a small genetic deletion at 22q13.1 (but not the region attributed to Phelan-McDermid Syndrome - although she presents similarly), but we cannot say for certain, as her particular deletion is undocumented. In other words, according to medical literature currently available, she is the only known person with a deletion in this exact region, and so it is of "unknown clinical significance" and we have no idea what her future holds. Currently she is almost completely non-verbal, her only real word with any real meaning being "boob" as she is breastfed. *gasp* Yes, you read correctly, my almost 3 year old daughter still nurses, and I'm proud of that fact. Ferris is a neurotypical little chubba bubba baby man. He gives me sanity, and hope, and comfort for the future. He is nearly 8 months old at the time of this writing, and he is my charming, adorable, little-big guy. He is also breastfed, and doesn't seem to mind sharing with Sissy, who is the neatest thing since pureed peaches in his eyes. Want to know more? Just ask!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Busy, Busy

Tuesdays area always a busy day for us. We have Fiona's weekly therapy session every Tuesday. She looks forward to it so much every week - absolutely LOVES going. She did really well today.

They let her color a picture with a marker, a picture of a little duck, and she did really well with it. They helped her at first, guided her hand to show her how to fill in the picture, and then she finished it on her own. She did pretty well staying in the lines, though she escaped them in a few places, but for her first time actually coloring something in - she did REALLY good. I'm so proud of her.

Her speech therapist played tea party with her, and for the first time ever (and I've tried so many times) she actually mimicked the imaginative play of pouring the teapot into the teacup, and pretending to drink from one. She never does that. Never never ever. I was so happy to see this!

In PT, she did great too. She got to play in the ball pit again, and she also got to swing. She really loves the swing they have there. I need to see about getting her one like that for home. It really seems to calm her and help her focus. They worked with her on kicking a ball, which she is still not quite sure why she should when she can pick it up and throw it, but we're working on it.

Overall, she had a really good day. She threw a bit of a tantrum in OT, but when they got out the water art set she was happy happy. =) <3

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